Amazing Answers to Quiet Prayers


y husband, Glen Anniskette, has served as an international missionary evangelist for the Church of God for 35 years, ministering in 63 nations.

Many miracles have taken place in Glen’s ministry because of the healing stripes of Jesus Christ (1 Peter 2:24). He has seen God open blind eyes, heal cancer-devastated bodies, restore ministries, and so much more.

In the 1990s, my husband felt led to go to Africa for a few weeks of ministry. He prepared for these meetings with much prayer and fasting. He wanted to see the hand of God move in a powerful way.

One week of meetings were held in Kisoro. Normally a building would have been rented, but funds were low, so an open-air meeting was planned. Kisoro is a mountainous region located in the southwestern corner of Uganda, which boarders the countries of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Bishop Anniskette traveled close to 300 miles from Kampala on a bus ride unlike any he had ever experienced. He remembers someone holding a chicken in the seat ahead of him, while a goat was on the seat behind him. A man was carrying an open container of gasoline, which made one of the passengers very ill. Besides the uncomfortable conditions inside the bus, the road was treacherous. On one of the curves, a bus wheel spun in the air over the edge of a cliff. A wrecked bus could be seen in the ravine below. It was a long trip.

When the bus arrived in Kisoro, the local pastor greeted the evangelist. Since there were no inns in the area, he was taken to the local Church of God, which was made of mud and cow manure and topped with a thatched roof. The floors were dirt but swept clean.

Glen’s bedroom was the stage of the church. A cloth divider was hung for him to have a little privacy because other visitors slept in the main part of the church. He slept on a twin-size mattress with no covers because of the heat.

When he spotted a foot-long lizard on the wall, he mentioned to one of the locals that he’d like to have it removed. They told him it wouldn’t hurt him, and that it was good because it ate insects. But he insisted, and they took the lizard outside.

The church was too small for the large crowds expected to attend the crusade, so the meetings were held in an open field. When Glen showed up for the meeting, the only person present was a man with a large drum made of cow leather. The man began to beat his drum and sing loudly with much joy. People came from miles around until there were hundreds present.

Since there were no chairs, the congregation sat on the grass and waited for the service to begin. It wasn’t long before the audience began their energetic singing along with the man and his cowhide drum. My husband preached the Word of God and gave an altar call. Among those responding were a witchdoctor and a young woman with metal shackles on her ankles.

The prayers that Glen and his workers prayed for the witchdoctor and the young woman were rather quiet ones, but God did an incredible work that night.

After he was prayed for, the unkempt witchdoctor began to tug on my husband’s coattail and pled with him to come to his house. With the translator’s help, Glen said he wasn’t finished praying for those in the altar but that one of the other ministers would go home with him.

The witchdoctor quickly took another minister with him and began to destroy the tools of his trade. He pushed down the idol he had erected and watched it break into many pieces. Next he threw the chicken bones and other occult tools into the fire. He wanted a witness to see that he was serious about his new commitment to God. The ex-witchdoctor returned for every worship service that week.

My husband walked right passed the witchdoctor on the last night of the meet- ing without recognizing him. Not only was he clean on the inside, but the outside reflected his transformation. He is now a minister of the gospel winning others to Christ! Jesus said, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32), and this man was set free indeed!

As for the woman who came to the meeting wearing shackles, she was in her 20s. She was violent, and would attack Worshipers at the Kisoro crusade the locals. The police told her parents that she was to be chained or sent to prison because of her physical abuse of others.

She was prayed for the same night as the witchdoctor. After the service, her parents took her away from the crowd, sat her down on a tree stump, and by faith removed the chains. Deliverance had come to this young woman!

For the remainder of the crusade, she walked miles every night to receive everything she could from God. Bishop Anniskette saw her at the door on the last Sunday service with a big smile on her face. She glowed with her newfound faith in God! She now owns her own shop and testifies to her customers about what God has done for her.

Romans 10:13 says, “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” Nothing is impossible with God. It doesn’t matter who you are—a sincere prayer to Jesus Christ will deliver you from sin.

Joseph Kagarama was the overseer of the Church of God in Uganda at that time these miracles took place. Now the superintendent of eastern Africa, he has testified about them in many nations because he saw firsthand what the power of God can do when people surrender their lives to Him.

According to, this region is predominately Christian today. Praise God for those who have gone into this area of Africa to spread the good news. All glory and power to our most holy Lord, who saves, heals, and delivers.